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Terms & Conditions


1. RATES: The charges for your charter bus are based on the original information. Additional coaches or additional hours not agreed upon at the time of booking can usually be accommodated by having the driver call the dispatcher for an adjusted price.

2. The carriage of passengers and their baggage is subject to the approved Tariff and the Public Vehicle Act.

3. Baggage will be carried to the capacity of the vehicle baggage compartment. All passenger’s property is carried at passenger’s risk.

4. Payment shall be paid in advance 10 days prior to the date of departure.

5. Charges for extra service, extra kilometres travelled, overtime or other items shall be due upon presentation of the invoice to the party responsible for the charter group.

6. Prices are subject to change.

7. Departure and arrival times are approximations and are not guaranteed by the Carrier.

8. Delays due to unusual or difficult road or weather conditions are not the responsibility of the Carrier.

9. The Carrier reserves the right to deny transportation to or to eject objectionable persons, or those using drugs or intoxicants or engaging in unsafe behaviour, at the discretion of the coach operator.

10. Passengers shall not disturb the driver or in any way tamper with equipment employed in the operation of the coach.

11. Signs or decorations of any kind shall not be affixed to or displayed from the coach unless prior arrangements for the same have been made with the Carrier.

12. Firearms, fireworks and dangerous goods of any kind are prohibited.

13. All laws in force prohibiting smoking and the consumption of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants shall be enforced by the driver.

14. The Customer or any person in the Customer’s group who shows, plays or allows to be played or displays any film or video or musical or other artistic performance, warrants to and guarantees the Carrier, that the Customer or the person has the legal right to do so and that the same does not in any way infringe or constitute an offence under the Copyright Act of Canada. The Customer agrees to indemnify and save the Carrier harmless from and against any claims, prosecutions or lawsuits arising from the same.Compliance with the Copyright Act and all applicable laws is the sole responsibility of the Customer.

15. Cellular telephone charges incurred by chartering party are the responsibility of the Customer and shall be invoiced accordingly.

16. ARRIVAL TIME: The time of arrival at starting point, stop-over point, destination, or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed. Operators are carefully selected and have instructions to drive at all times at a speed within the limits prescribed by law and compatible with safe operation. Unusual road, traffic and weather conditions are beyond the Company control.

DISCLAIMER: TOK Coachlines is not liable for damage to or loss of baggage or other property. Baggage and all other property will be handled at the passenger’s risk and only in an amount that can be conveniently carried in the storage areas of the charter coach. Any damage to the coach by the charter party will be charged by the carrier to the charter party. TOK Coachlines reserves the right to substitute equipment if in our sole discretion a substitution is necessary.

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