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Whether Travelling Alone or with a Group, TOK Coachlines Has You Covered

Travelling by coach has numerous benefits — ones that far outweigh those of driving long distances by yourself or having to coordinate multiple vehicles for a group. Alleviate the stress and pressure that driving puts on both yourself and your vehicle and give yourself time to rest, read or just relax.

TOK Coachlines takes pride in not only getting you or your group safely to your destination, but in making the journey an enjoyable part of the trip. As a leader in the group travel market covering many places in Toronto, our bus tours are known for their exemplary style and comfort. We offer both independent and group travel services throughout Toronto and the GTA.

All of our drivers are well prepared with routes and alternatives to make driving the least of your concern. Enjoy the sights and socialize with others rather than focusing on driving, a wonderful way to meet new people or connect with old friends.

Your comfort is what matters most to us. In addition to maintaining a clean environment, our coaches include Wi-Fi access, USB ports and electrical outlets at every seat for charging phones and devices. Whether it is a long or short trip, we want everyone to be comfortable and connected along the way.

Routine maintenance is performed before the bus travels, which involves inspecting all of the necessary items, so we can be confident that everything is up to our standards. This gives us and you the assurance that the maintenance of our vehicles is done right and that there will be no problems during travel.

Not only is travelling by coach an affordable luxury that is much cheaper than alternative means, it is significantly better for the environment, averaging five times better mileage per passenger than trips by car.

The next time you want to travel, whether alone or with a group, choose TOK Coachlines and enjoy all of the benefits that come with it.